Chew. Chew. Swallow.

I am eating this week.

My paper is really all but two pages and a works cited away from being finished. The due date was pushed back, so while I would like to have it off of my plate, I do have room to finish, let it breathe, come back and tweak before I turn it in. My next paper is due Wednesday, so that’s the pressing matter.

I finished officially enrolling in my final semester. Lotta hoops to jump through, but I jumped. Done. Check that off the list.

Last night I began the process of applying to OU. I have a meeting with the Graduate Department on Tuesday to discuss the ph.d program, and what needs to begin happening in terms of applying for that. Their date is Jan 15. I’ve printed off letters of recommendation forms, assistantship forms, all kinds of forms. The rabbit hole that was the website made me a little nuts last night. It’s maybe one of the worst websites I’ve ever tried to navigate. So thankful to Kizz for doing some prelim scouting for me on that! With the meeting set, and the safety net that is my personal guide to the campus (Mark works there) I feel on track. I’m working on my statement of purpose, as well as my writing sample. Trying to figure out who should submit my letters of rec is the thing most pressing on my list right now. Have you done this? Any of you? What was your process?

Speaking of Kizz…she’s got a cabaret show in her imminent future. I’m so proud. I wish like anything I could be in the audience. In place of me, if you’re in the vicinity please make plans to go and support! What’s not to love about an evening with amazing talent, great music, and witty banter? Nothing. Nothing at all. So. GO. GO. GO. please.

Back into the salon today, and I’m eternally grateful. November ate me whole financially. WHOLE. Three out of the four Saturdays were not at work. Holidays creeped up on us. I’ve opened my book up to adjust for after finals and before Christmas. Hopefully we can eek this year out with what’s left of student loans and the incoming clients and get through the holiday with some sort of grace and no ramen noodles.

The weather has been brisk and chilly this week, yet this weekend we are back into the 70’s. Windy, but warm. I’ve got plans to decorate for Christmas, possibly outside too. This pleases me. A great deal. I want for nothing more than to have my house decorated, and homey, and watch Christmas Vacation and Love, Actually. Nothing gets me in the holiday spirit more than that.

This time of year is one that, for many, incite struggles and grief and anxiety. I’m not participating in that this year. There are new avenues in my life that must be negotiated, and a few days ago I was caught in the panic of it all, and then…nope. I’m just not going to do it. Everything will work out, without my adding stress and wrinkles to the situation by fretting over situations that should just be easy. So, in that vein, I look forward to it this year.

How about you? Are you gearing up? What do you do to get into the holiday spirit?

Time for more coffee and some hair bangin.

Peaceout, ya’ll.

2 thoughts on “Chew. Chew. Swallow.

  1. Love, Actually is my all time favorite Christmas movie. Chris’s was Die Hard.

    I think I will at least remove the pumpkins from my front stoop this weekend.


  2. For us, the season starts when the elf shows up. I feel the part about Ramen noodles. I was sitting here wondering how many meals can be beans and rice the next few weeks. With Jack unable to find a job, I am fretting at night instead of sleeping. But I have a kid to make magic for and we always do lots of home made fun like cookies and such. That helps keep the worries at least compartmentalized.


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