My relationship status on the ole FB has changed…but it’s pending until confirmed by both parties. I guess that’s only fair, right? I mean, how many people could be in a relationship with me in the wide wide web, with just a flick of a keystroke?

Millions. I’m sure it’s millions.

The pending thing got me to thinking though.

Relationships, friendships, friends, family, boyfriends, wives, all of it…all of these relationships are living and breathing things…these connections, these ties…organic, fluid, ever changing…The ones that I’ve been in before…they were always pending something.

Something was always…not quite there…I was always waiting on that one thing…


None of these relationships come with guarantees. There is no anti-heartbreak-clause in the agreement. It’s just two people, doing the best they can at navigating each new phase, each new day. I think that those relationships that have the most time attached to them are often the ones most easily taken for granted. It’s easy to assume that because they have always been…they always will be.

This past week was one full of stumbles in several relationships, for me personally, and let me tell ya it sucked. I don’t like feeling icky about people that I love. I don’t like people that I love feeling icky about me. I don’t like feeling any of the things I felt last week.

But that’s the nature of the game, isn’t it?

There is work to be done. There is effort to be made. There is forgiveness to ask and when asked, there is no “pending”…forgiveness is given. That’s the way of things. You get up, the bruise heals, the scab starts to itch and you put one foot in front of the other and promise to do better tomorrow and you bless it and let it go.

Sometimes it’s not that easy. Time must be applied.

At the end of the day though, it’s all part of the process. Everyone is susceptible. . . to the good, and to the bad. This life we are living is an all encompassing one.

Looking forward, I hope I can forgive more, and that I need to ask for it less.

I can tell you though, that this relationship I’m in right now? The forgiveness is swift and mighty. It’s a powerful feeling to be in something that has that kind of give and take and communication.

Pending confirmation through a social network is comical really.

We all know I’ve already circled “yes”


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