Just Add Coffee

I’m not quite settled into the new year as of yet. Living in tote bags, between two houses, I feel strung out. Decidedly unsettled. This week, and weekend however, I’m fixing that. I’ll get the house de-Christmas’d.

I’ll get some organizing projects finished.

I’ll get some lazy tv time in. (that hasn’t happened at all this break and it’s driving me nuts)

I’ve got some homework to do in regards to the LTYM show.

I’m ready to get into all of that.

But first I just need to shake this funk. I don’t know if it’s residual from the holiday funk. Or if it’s uncertainty for the future funk. Or if it’s dread for the anniversaries that are barreling my way within the next few months, and the memories that ride along with them. I don’t know if it’s the disconnect I feel with everything…

What I DO know…is sometimes you just need some girlfriend time and a cuppa coffee. Making a plan and seeing it through for some face to face with someone who loves you and that you love in return…someone who can call bullshit on the bullshit and get your head back in the game with a simple “that was blown way out of porportion, just let it go”—the simplicity of the words!

Add coffee.

Add laughter.

All we needed was more time.

Alas…it’s back to work for me.

I’m happy to get my routine back. I’m ready to get excited about the new year.

(and to plug that treadmill back in)

7 thoughts on “Just Add Coffee

  1. I think those of us who get long breaks always have a little funk to shed. We get out of our rhythms, lose purpose. And you are like me, trying to cram as much as you can into that break. I mostly just have the funk of no sleep thanks to sick spouse and in-laws, but today the sun is shining. I will get it together and ease back into the groove of school tomorrow. Rest. Enjoy what you have left of time. And yeah, get a little energy generating with that treadmill.


  2. Man, I was having the best time on break but I took the break part of it to the extreme. Being back at work, can’t so much recommend it. But routine, I’m always a fan. It’ll help. Things will go well.


  3. Breaking routine is really tough. Going to school and working and loving another who doesn’t live with you is WAY tough and lacks nice routine. So…you are in the New Year making all new routines…the toughest. Add more coffee!!

    I ADORE homebound down time with only me making lists of things I’d rather be doing than thinking about work and routine (it usally happens late at night when they are all asleep)…but those times are so unsatisfying in the long run for me. The lists end up being long and most decidedly things that never get done. Organizing my house ends up the same…lasts for a nanosecond and then those others come in a mess up my piles or make new piles. In almost a blink of an eye it’s over and I’m on to making new lists and re-reorganizing.

    I know now why my mother never did anything with her house until we all moved out.


  4. I crave the routine at the end of the holidays like I desperately crave the time off from work at this time of year. I’m still a little shocked every year at how ready I am to get back in the game.


  5. Yeah, I for sure do better with a routine…I’ve got a few days coming up with zero things on the calendar. That will allow for the things that I need to do here to happen. I’ll feel settled once the carpets are clean, the office is organized. The holiday was such a breakneck speed thing…it’s been a long time since I’ve had one like that. I loved it, but I’m ready to get back to some sort of normal. Someone’s normal.


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