Proper Prior Planning

Mark and I worked on our Spring calendars last night. I love that we’re both built the same way when it comes to this. There are some concerts that are coming our way to decide on, my conference in New Mexico that we’re going to in a few weeks, depot shows, and I don’t have school dates on there yet.

Some things are definite.

Some things are flexible, depending on how we’re feeling.

I like that we both live that way and understand when it gets to be too much we can scratch things off.

I just checked my tracking numbers. One of my ph.d apps has been delivered and signed for. The other one is en route.


***both packages were delivered and signed for this morning!!!

Time to switch gears and set my sights on the first day of classes! My LAST CLASS. I can’t even wrap my head around that at this point! I’m so excited!

I love getting my syllabus and my books or class packet. I love getting the schedule set and get my brain wrapped around what’s coming my way. I’m ready to dive into the thesis…I have to admit I have anxiety about that. Because I’ve surrounded myself with some hardcore committee members. They will make me a better writer. A better student. A better ph.d candidate and eventually a better teacher. But it doesn’t come without some level of “holycrap anxiety”

I’m still feeling happy from the forward motion made on LTYM:OKC yesterday. I’m excited to begin the process of garnering sponsorship and donors. I’m excited to begin the process of getting the word out via local media. I’m excited.

It’s Tuesday. Life is good.



6 thoughts on “Proper Prior Planning

      1. He is on the board for the Norman PAS. They produce several series of live music, including Winter Wind at the train depot and Summer Breeze in the park.


  1. We are planners too. The first day I get the next year’s academic calendar, it goes into iCal and then into my desk planner/grade book and it is the foundation of all other dates.. We need to a better job of adding fun into ours . . . Maybe hen things settle down with is dad


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