And so goes the final first week of my semester.

How did that happen?

The week was spent getting used to the new schedule. I’m only officially on campus Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for my one class. But Monday afternoons are now set aside for Thesis meetings. And next week begins the workload in terms of that. My class, (it’s so hard to grasp it’s my Only class and my Last class) is AWESOME!!!!

This guy, yeah. Everything I’ve heard is true. He COULD make Chaucer interesting. I’m not much for the old guys. . . Milton, Chaucer et. al. But I do believe he could make it something I’d love. Shakespeare is my fav, and thinking back this is the first Shakespeare class I’ve had since undergrad days in Ma’s class. I’m excited. I know nothing about the history plays, and this professor is going to take us on a journey, incorporating not only the literature and the history but skills in critical thinking and writing as well. Things I haven’t known until this semester.

I’ve received emails confirming that the applications to the ph.d programs had arrived safe and sound and were being processed. So there’s that.

Tonight my sister arrives for our girl weekend. We’ll bang some hair. We’ll do a little shopping tomorrow after I get off work, then tomorrow night we’ll all converge downtown for the (allegedly) final George Strait concert! All of my favorite people will be there and I’m just excited for some fun times.

We’ve made great progress with LTYM:OKC. Dates are set and will be announced next week! Press releases are going out, the word will be official and I’m counting on all of you to help spread it! Are you following our blog to keep up to date? If not, PLEASE DO! 

The sun is shining this morning. Tomorrow’s temperatures are soul healing. I’m ready. I’m so ready.

Happy Friday, ya’ll.


One thought on “FridayFridayFriday!

  1. My Mom is so pumped about LTYM! We are doing Mother’s Day early this year…this will be how we spend our time together. I’m really excited Misti! Congrats on sliding week one under your belt and enjoy this gorgeous weekend. xoxo


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