I’ve had so many things to write about running through my head as of late. Stories, details of evenings with family and friends, quips and worries about school and work. None of it seems to make it out of my brain and onto the blog lately.

It’s cold here. We have vacillated from Spring-like temps, to bitter cold, back up to crazy 70’s on Monday. My allergies are amuck. But it’s nice to get these reprieves. I’ve been trying to get my brain to start tracking and focusing on a strict schedule of studying and reading and writing. That hasn’t happened yet. We’re two weeks into the semester. It’s time. That’s my goal for the weekend.

LTYM:OKC is happening on schedule. The first press release went out this week and next week more information will be coming and I’ll be once again, asking you all to share it with everyone you know!

I’ve had the privilege of spending some time with my friends this past week or so. I’ve missed you. I’m actively missing you. Missing time with you. I feel better after seeing you. Laughing, talking. All of it.

This weekend is work, homework, hopefully some friend time and then on Sunday night we have the Gretchen Peters show at the Depot. I’ll enjoy all of it.

Hope you enjoy yours

One thought on “Friday

  1. Set the SAG’s in your DVR if you haven’t already since you won’t be home Sunday night.

    I’ve missed your blog postings! I miss you. Have a wonderful weekend!


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