Ten Things Tuesday: Conference Travel

We’re about to head to New Mexico for the rest of the week, I’m presenting a paper at the Pop Culture/American Culture Association Conference in Albuquerque on Friday. This is for all intents and purposes my first real conference, so I’m excited. I’m a little nervous about presenting. I need to chop down my paper a little. This semester isn’t conducive to a lot of professor input, so I feel a little like I’m swimming without arms. Whatever. It’ll be ok.

Did I tell you that after much gnashing of the teeth and pulling of the hair, both my advisor and I decided I need to take the comprehensive exams instead of writing a thesis. It’s a three question test, administered from 9am until 4pm, 1000 word answers each…all should be fine.

The test is a week from today.

I’ll be taking books and notes and whatnot to study/re-read during this “vacation.” We can just hope everything falls into place, that my brain, this brain I’m so trusting, will not fail me and that I can just get through it.

Just. Get. Through. It.

Meanwhile this week there is much to be excited about.

Ten things, to be exact.


1) Road Trip! This isn’t my first trip in the car with Mark. We drove to Arkansas to my family for Christmas. But this IS the first trip where it’s just us, our timeline, our plans. Other than the winter storm that is due to pound our route all day today, it should be fine.

2) New Places! I’ve never been to Albuquerque. All I know is what I’ve seen on Breaking Bad!

3) New Places II! We’re leaving Friday afternoon and heading up to Santa Fe for a  romantic night at the La Fonda, and some great live music from Peter Mulvey.  I’m also hoping that in our walk about to stop into the Georgia O’Keefe museum.  But if not this trip, then for sure the next one.

4) New Faces! Well…not NEW per se..but I do get to see Colleen, and introduce her to Mark. She of the Taos Magic Trip this summer. I’m so excited to see her!

5) Valentines Day in Old Town! Colleen was darling enough to figure out where would be a great place to have dinner on Valentine’s night. She’s made us a reservation at this delicious looking place. I’ve scoured the menu more than five times. So. Excited. 

6) Conference-y things! The dude that MADE UP the language used on Game of Thrones is a keynote speaker. That. Is. His. Job. I’m all in.

7) More conference-y things. There is a panel about using your Masters degree for things other than professing. This interests me.

8) New Mexico Chile! Red chile! Green chile! I want it all! I’ll be stocking up my pantry for delicious dishes to make when we get home.  I will also be bringing back some deliciously hot tastes for Michael. All good, spicy, things!

9) Two Buck Chuck! We’ll hit the Trader Joes to restock our wine supply.

10) Spending time away with Mark. I know we have a lot going on. He’ll be working from the hotel room ensuring that the entire OU server doesn’t collapse. I’ll be working with my study buddy, prepping to present, networking and conferencing. . . but it will just be us. After the last two weeks of emotional brutality, I’m looking forward to this part most of all.


Happy Fat Tuesday, ya’ll. If you haven’t had your crawfish, and gumbo and King cake yet, I hope it’s in your schedule today! We’re all transfixed by the weather and the fat snowflakes falling and thankful for the moisture to counteract this horrible drought. Tomorrow…Lent begins.

Spring is coming…

4 thoughts on “Ten Things Tuesday: Conference Travel

  1. Exciting, this bliss you are nailing down as your own. Be safe, enjoy, just wallow in the moment.

    One of the things I admire most about is that you are making things in your life, not just floating.


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