Ebbing, Flowing, and Jumping Through Hoops

After a side visit with another professor yesterday, it became clear that this thesis isn’t going to be ready to defend by mid-April in order to graduate in the Spring. I’ve come to be (mostly) okay with that.

Right now, I’m waiting on reply emails from two of my committee members to see if they will help me do this in the first block of the Summer. If not, I can take the comps this summer. It’s a lot of hoops, a lot of jumping.

Yes. Yes I would rather it all gone the way I’d planned.

Yes. Yes I would love to really be finished this Spring and not have this hanging over me.

Yes. Yes if I do begin a doctorate program in the Fall, then this must be finished.

But here’s the thing. I’ll get this finished. I’ll move forward with my plan. And while timing might be different, everything might be different, even my reasons for beginning this journey in the first place might be different…It will all work out.

I have a good job. A really great clientele and the belief that I can succeed in anything I want to. (except golf. because…blech. what’s the point?)

Bill said it better than I ever could…his email came during a night of stressed sleep, and crazy abandonment dreams…his words always bring clarity.

“Try to enjoy the journey without getting all futzed up about the destination and when you’re going to get there. Lavish in the side trips. You’ll get there eventually, wherever THERE is . . . or not . . . but either way it will be OK if you accept it as part of life’s ebb and flow.”



5 thoughts on “Ebbing, Flowing, and Jumping Through Hoops

  1. This would be one of those times that Frank would say, “It’s all part of the adventure!” Words I have come to live by in the past 15 years. He is wise.


  2. It’s not hanging over you. It’s bringing out the best in you. It’s not a noose, it’s a handle. And golf doesn’t suck; it’s a metaphor for life. You could be having a lousy round, but then, on the seventh fairway, you’re gonna hit a beautiful, perfect shot that lands just inches from the pin. And it’s THAT shot that’s going to keep you from quitting the game. Every shot can’t be a winner…..so you really need to enjoy the good shots. Now, billiards. THAT sucks.


  3. Agree with all these wise words. You know there is a plan beyond yours, and that divine plan will bring you great things, usually grater and richer things than what we imagine.


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