Team LTYM:OKC met yesterday and boy howdy did we get some things crossed off of our list! It feels SO GOOD to be making such progress. We opened for submissions last weekend and have already received several. We got our sponsorship tiers set up. We made some decisions about printing, business cards, ticket sales, day of event details. Things are really coming together. I can’t wait to start hitting the pavement and asking for money to support this show! Next on our list is to start working the PR angle. Time to call radio stations, tv stations, morning shows…time to begin beating the drum outside of social networking. Julie and Heather are just the best team members. They dive in, brainstorm, make notes, make files, ask questions, and more than anything we are laughing and sharing and building connections within ourselves. We three have the same desire for our show and that is to give voice to the stories that we know are out there in our state.

It’s exciting stuff, ya’ll.

The weekend was a good one, coming off of such a dark, long week.

Mark and I did some brainstorming on LTYM details. It’s so nice to have someone in your corner that comes with a skill set that so perfectly matches up with yours and fills in the gaps, providing what’s needed.

He designed and printed out our LTYM:OKC business cards last night. He’s helping set up our ticket sales system, as well as designing and printing our sponsor sheets.

We're official!
We’re official!

That’s a good man right there. A real good man.

I don’t take it for granted. Not one single second of it.

Because of that, the relief I feel in trusting those tasks to be taken care of, I’m really clear headed going into this week. I’m doing some normal household tasks this morning, and spending the rest of the day on homework. Usually I feel like I’m running behind, feeling like I have only half-assed checked things off of the list that is always mocking me.

Today I feel good. I feel productive.

Teamwork is a wonderful thing!

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