Sunday Blessed Sunday

It’s a beautiful day outside.

Stunningly gorgeous for February 3rd.

I’m so thankful for the weather. Mark and I kind of tease about having seasonal depression disorder but sometimes I just think it’s true. I need some sunshine, I need some fresh air and outside glory to flow into my house.

It was a perfect Sunday morning at Brokedown Palace. We sat around the table with friends and listened to Carter Sampson sing about being the Queen of Oklahoma until late last night, so we slept in this morning. Coffee and CBS Sunday morning followed by some cajun brunch made it all the better. What with all the New Orleans being all over the television I got a taste for some of my delicious gumbo. That got put on the list this week.

This afternoon I’m meeting with Julie and Heather to knock off more of our punch list for Listen To Your Mother: OKC and that’s exciting. I’m making notes, now and Mark and I brainstormed on a few things last night.

I think once our meeting is finished, I’ll finish a few chores around the house and head down to Norman to start working on our LTYM stuff, watch the Super Bowl and just gear up to begin the week.

Every single thing about this day is my favorite.

I hope you’re loving yours as much, too!


4 thoughts on “Sunday Blessed Sunday

  1. I was going to make a healthy quiche but ended up at the Chinese take-out down the street. This wouldn’t have been so bad except for the full order of crab rangoon. I ate five out of the six. I also drank a Mexican coke. When I go bad, I GO bad.

    Any way….sending love in that direction.


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