Long Week. Ends.

It was a really long week. Death does that to time. Just drags it out, like swimming in syrup. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers…As all of us know the real work and support and heartbreak is just beginning…

Mark and I are up to the task. He and I, in our own ways, understand some individual elements of what this process entails. So, we’ll all just be mindful and work on it as best we can to see that his sis is okay.

I’ve been home for about an hour and having not been here this week I’ve cleaned up some cat mess, cat vomit, defended my saltine snack from Sammy, had a little wine, started the dishes and laundry. I’ve got a LTYM:OKC meeting here tomorrow and some plans with friends tonight.

LTYM:OKC has opened for submissions! I’m so excited. We’ve already got a few in the dropbox! Tomorrow we put together some final details and begin to beg for money and publicity. This is coming together folks!

I need to polish the house a bit…I know the sheets are clean because I haven’t been here all week. However, the fridge is full of old food that I prepped last weekend, the trash needs be taken out, the vacuum needs running.

Homework is ever present…as is the reality of graduation happening in the summer rather than the spring. That’s a whole nuther story but it’s on my mind. Heavily.

On the plus side, it’s in the upper 60’s here, the sun has been shining all day and there’s pizza, friends and great music in my near future.

Happy Weekend Ya’ll.

3 thoughts on “Long Week. Ends.

  1. I was listening to a science show on NPR this morning and heard a scientist say something that made me think of you ( and the rest of us ). ” ‘I know’ is the end. ‘I don’t know’ is the beginning of possibility.” No one ever expects you to have all the answers, even if you must secretly have super powers. We just know that you will keep exploring, keep on the journey, keep chasing the bliss that is for you. If you had all the answers down pat, you would be finished learning and growing. The Misti I know is the sort to stop learning.


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