Sadie! Sadie! Married Lady!

Last night, my PseudoSis3 got engaged!!!

It was a day full of intricately planned and produced events, all leading up to Maggie arriving at the Wormy Dog downtown (where she and Chris met) to be surprised by a gathering of ohhhh about 30 of her closest friends and family, several state lines had been crossed by some to surprise her. Chris was magnificent. Mag. Nif. Ah. Cent. He had arranged for her to have a mani/pedi, to have time to change clothes and get ready, to be surrounded by her family and friends, to have a round of shots waiting, for his brother and best friend to deliver her the final clues…and when he got down on one knee in front of the doors, as all of us were crowded around trying to see but not to barge into their moment…more than one of us (ahem…*Hailey) burst into tears. The full blown ugly cry happened right there at the i.d. checking stand at a bar that none of us have ever been to so early, so sober.

The party culminated in Norman, at the groom-to-be- parent’s house. I went and got Mark and we went over for  a little bit. Even though I had the morning off today, he has been fighting off the cold that I so generously gave to him so we didn’t stay long. But standing in the middle of the room, looking at all of these people gathered to celebrate love, I looked at him and said, “you’ve met a lot of groups in my life. . . but none are more true, more family than this group.”

And it’s true. I do have a blessed lot of loving people in my life that I love dearly. Some come, some go, some change, as is the normal. Some you have to let go, give space, Some return, some do not. That’s what it’s all about, right? But…this group is steadfast.  This group is family. We are there for births, for broken hearts, for sporting events and supporting events. This isn’t a group that must be together all the time, we ebb and we flow as relationships do. We have our Christmas Adam tradition that we’ve come to really look forward to and sometimes that’s enough. A text, a reaching out, a random 2am “I JUST READ THE BEST BOOK”…we stay connected.

I love too, the way they have embraced Mark into the family. No reservations. All in. Because that’s what we do and how we do it. No one is perfect here, we’ve all got our scratches, but the love we have for each other?

That is perfect.

Maggie Wynn is getting married to a wonderful man.

Chris Schemmer is getting married to a wonderful (if not slightly touched) family.

Happily Ever After is a given.



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