Movin’ On

Still waiting to hear anything about my comps. My advisor said he should have something this week. We’ll see.

My focus has shifted to my last class, Shakespeare’s History Plays. I’m woefully behind. Massive catching up session tonight after work. Test tomorrow. Thesis due in that class tomorrow. Major writing test next week that has a LOT of pre-writing attached to it. FOCUS.



There are other things that are being juggled, of course.

Listen To Your Mother: OKC is getting some momentum. We’re approaching our deadline for submissions. We’ve had a good amount, though I haven’t read all of them yet. I know a few more are making their way to the dropbox. Julie, Heather and I will meet in a few weeks to choose who we’ll see in person.

Sponsorship is beginning. I’ve had two out of two say yes thus far! It’s the most amazing sense of relief, knowing that someone out there wants to help financially, and wants to support this venture.

Taxes are looming. All things financial. I’m determined not to file an extension this year. Time to buckle down and get it done.

Did you watch the documentary on the women’s movement that aired on PBS last night? MAKERS, it was called. Seriously. Try to find it again. Anywhere. It was really well done. I typed Mark at the beginning, and he wound up watching it too. We had a lengthy discussion about the progression of the movement, and where it stands today. It’s pretty awesome to have someone in you life on the same page as you are when it comes to equal rights for everyone. Just feels so good.

Gulping coffee, getting ready to head into the sunshine, run errands and bang some hair. It’s going to be a great day, ya’ll!



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