Dream a Little Dream

I had the craziest dreams last night.

I dreamed we (several people from my life, from Mark’s life, and from Downton Abbey) were on a bus and we were traveling way way far and up some really steep hills/mountains.

I often have the driving steeply then falling to the point of danger on both sides of the hill-dream. This one was different because there were more people with me other than me, and I wasn’t driving a two seater car. Waaaaaay up steeply, then waaaaay down so steeply. So scary.

When we finally get to our destination, I know that it’s some Latino culture because we’re all eating cilantro and black beans. Or maybe we’re at Machu Picchu. Because that place was far.

Suddenly there were ladies around me. I knew some of them. Sharon Ely was one. And they were unpacking my luggage and asking me where everything was? What everything?

Your wedding dress.

Your shoes.

Your hair and makeup supplies.

I found a dress that I’m thinking about wearing to Lindsay’s wedding in a few weeks, but no shoes. Wrong color bra. My hair was wet. Everyone was trying to twist it and scrunch it into curls or some form of something resembling the hair of someone who was about to get married.

I have no idea really how it worked out. I remember just as I was about to walk into the depot (we were back in Norman) and down an aisle made by all of these friends just separating, I saw Mark.

And there was this feeling in my stomach about how it was all going to be ok. Everything. All of it. And if it wasn’t then we’d figure it out. It would be ok.

And I started crying.

And I woke up.

Most of the details came back to me on my drive home this morning as I thought what a wet blanket I was this weekend, and how today was a brand new day and it was going to be ok. The song that he put on my “woo-ing cd” was playing.

This is one of those dreams that sticks with you in the pit of your everything all day long.

I’m so grateful for that.

Happy Monday, ya’ll.



2 thoughts on “Dream a Little Dream

  1. The moon is doing weird shit right now. But at least your dream is realistic. I can actually picture all of this happening in real life.


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