Air Bubbles

My new committee has all agreed and been formed for my Fall comps exam. This is a great source of relief and all due to the work of my advisor who is leading the charge and the committee.

I should note, *this advisor, only came on board in that capacity for my program in January . Previously, in all of the semesters previous, I had the same woman. She is notorious for not communicating, for not answering or even acknowledging emails. Do you remember the trouble I had first enrolling, right? Remember how she was impossible to get through to, to get a response from or ANY kind of enrolling advise for that matter. The tiny bit she DID give me? Completely wrong, in hindsight. The moment’s we did have scheduled for face to face visits were spent talking about what did I think about her hair. SO. This guy? This new advisor? Rest assured he is just as frustrated about how all of this went down as I am. And he is working his arse off, with emails way past office hours, to help me through this.

I still have a list of things to do to clean up this mess. But the mess in my head is so much better. Thanks to all of you and your support and comments and commiseration. There is also another idea that is forming from all the muck and mire. . . I’ll tell you about it soon.

In the meantime, New Thoughts.

Thoughts become Things.

I must remember that.

Change the language, quit talking to myself in such a way that…if I saw someone talking to YOU like that? I’d karate chop their windpipe.

Be nicer to myself.

Understand that love is not contingent on a master’s degree, or any inanimate thing in this world.

Tell those voices, They Were Wrong. (thanks for that, Spence. You always know what to say)

Thank you.

Words are powerful. Believe you me. Each one was an airbubble, that you so delicately shoved down my throat and allowed me one more breath. One more breath to get to today. One more breath.

I’m working on tomorrows Shakespeare readings this morning. Then I’m going into the salon for some good hair banging and business strategery with a little LTYM business sponsorship work thrown in between.

This is perhaps the first day that I don’t feel like Pigpen with the cloud of funk swirling about.

Chin up, boobs out. peanuts-dancing

Let’s dance!



4 thoughts on “Air Bubbles

  1. “…he is just as frustrated about how all of this went down as I am.” See? I knew there had to be some additional disgust for how this played out. Glad he’s getting you right back on track!


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