Bless It and Let It Go

I’ve been in a de-cluttering frenzy the last few weeks. I’ve gone through my kitchen and have loaded the back of my car with things to donate. I’m about to go through the pantry and do the same.

I’m sick of having so much stuff to deal with. As I was cleaning yesterday, and contemplating finances, and the future, I began calculating what I could get by selling some of this stuff, the big stuff like the piano, and even though I DO love it, the treadmill, some of the extra furniture at some point. Enough to erase a good portion of credit card debt, thats for sure. Compared to some, I don’t have a lot of credit card debt. But being late on some payments these last few years while working and in school, money being tight, not working as much, being so bogged down that I forgot to pay them…that’s taken a toll on my credit score.

Junk Drawer Begone
Junk Drawer Begone

Five years ago, when I bought this house, I’d done a great job with my credit.

It seems that since then, everything has just been expensive, and broken, and draining.

And of course, I’ll just add, that the way I learned how to manage money was to hide the bills from my Dad. That was the total education. So I’ve done my own thing, and some days I do better than other days. The thing is, on all of those days, I’m figuring it out.

There is always the possibility of renting out the guest room again, if needed.

Anyways, I’m cleaning. I’m getting rid of the excess. The weather is changing, the days are longer, all of this is the perfect storm for me to spring clean EVERY aspect of life. Get rid of the cobwebs, get rid of the funk!

What are you doing to prepare for the coming season change? Does it get you fired up to make any changes?

6 thoughts on “Bless It and Let It Go

  1. It makes me want my house clean at every moment. Windows open. Spring scented candles lit. OH, how you’re going to enjoy those new windows!! And some of the cabinets that we just filled with absolutely no thought at all when we moved in could stand a little reorganizing. That could happen. Enjoy coming up from underneath the clutter!!


  2. I WANT to clean out every closet and get rid of half the things…at least! Then I open the door and look at it and think – oh HELL this is going to take forever. I better nap first.


    1. it has to get bad enough. that’s how it is for me. it has to get to my tipping point and THEN it’s not safe for man nor beast.


  3. I’m having a garage sale in April. And I’ll probably re-do the office. The garage sale will get rid of most of the clutter in the basement.


  4. We got rid of easily a quarter and perhaps a third of our things when we moved. Since then we take a load to Goodwill almost every month as we continue to weed.

    For me, the weather beckons healthy eating, exercising, and general organizing in the house, but I am in limbo until a certain someone builds me a pantry and a new closet . . . We also have got to get garden built .


  5. Ive thought about doing a garage sale. They are just so much work, I’ve often found that it’s not worth it. . . But. . . I’m thinking about it for sure.


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