As par for the course, with last weekend being so zoomy and blurry, this week has flown by as well. I have a few hours this morning to finish reading Henry VI part III before class, and spiff up the house. Change the sheets, hang some clothes, etc.

We’ve made great progress on Listen To Your Mother. I sat in on a webinar last night and took many notes regarding the transition from planning to performance but my favorite one came from our national director Ann Imig when she said, “It is time to lift our heads from our to-do lists and remember why we are doing all of this. Take a breath.”

Our show has already sold a couple handfulls of tickets, which this far ahead of the game is awesome! Sponsorships are coming in, shaping up. I’m getting things crossed off the to do list. Every communication with Julie and Heather makes me even more grateful for this team that we’ve built. All is right.

Tonight I get to see my love and our friends Brad and Lisa and listen to some of my favorite musicians. Ryan Bingham and HoneyHoney are at the Diamond Ballroom tonight. Yes it is a schoolnight. No I don’t care. It seems like the time we get to spend together goes faster and faster and I’m going to be picking up bartending shifts here and there, cutting into our weekend (?) time so…we take it when we can get it. 🙂 *that’s what he said.

Tomorrow Cindy arrives from the KCMO and we get to celebrate Lindsay and Sam’s nuptials  I have concerns about what I’m going to wear, but seriously the thought of getting to spend some time with this girl is just filling me to the brim. The wedding is Saturday night and I’m doing a little work at the salon then banging out some Mother of the Bride hair that afternoon.

I do believe the most important thing that happened this week is that Wonderboy turned ELEVEN.

What kind of asshattery nonsense is that, I ask you?



I sent him some books (he always gets books from me on his birthday) and it’s becoming more difficult to pick titles the older he gets. This year he got this Dangerous Book for Boys: Things To Do, The Boys Book of Survival,  and The Dangerous Book for Boys. 

I talked to him on his birthday, and they were on their way home from Red Lobster.

Me: “What’d you have to eat?”

Wonderboy: “ohhhh I had some fries. some french fries and some shrimps. some shrimps and a lobster tail and oh yeah and some crab legs.”

The kid does love his seafood.

And I do love that kid.

Sir Yessir!
Sir Yessir!


Have a great week ya’ll.

That’s an order.

4 thoughts on “ELEVEN?

  1. I hate it when they get older. The realization that JR is graduating from HS next year put a brand new streak of white in my hair.

    Wonderboy, even when he becomes a man, will always be Wonderboy. Hope his birthday was spectacular.


  2. OMG! I’ve never even met this WonderBoy, yet I feel like I so know him, and HE LOOKS WAY TOO GROWN UP IN THAT PIC! 😦


    I think you did real good on the book choices!

    Give Cin an extra big hug for me, please!


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