Woahhhhhh Fun, Woahhhhhh!

We have had a week of evenings chock full o’ fun here lately. Webinars and concerts on Wednesday, Ryan Bingham and Honeyhoney on Thursday, Friend time on Friday, Wedding on Saturday, Sunday Funday for me on Sunday, then jam session with Mark’s people that night. Last night we capped it off, or started Spring Break rightly, with doing our favorite thing, sharing a meal and an evening of music with Brad and Lisa. Throw in two sessions of wedding hair that included travel and there’s our life this past week.

We woke up this morning and I really don’t think  we spoke but 5 words to each other. I came home, he went to work and of course on the drive my voices were all waking up from their St Patricks debauchery and talking to me crazy. I needed a little more sleep. And to take control of things in this house. I cleaned the kitchen, and steam clean the floors with vinegar, kitchen, bathroom, my bedroom. I’m convinced this house is making me sick. Allergies. Cats. Dust. Hairballs. Ugh. I’ve got it airing out, deep cleaning here and there, mentally making a list of things I need to get rid of to pay off some debt, and wonder if a garage sale would be profitable or not.

I’ve got two academic assignments that are due next week, and some Listen To Your Mother stuff as well as taxes that need to be completed this week. We’re on day two of Spring Break but I can feel it slip slip slipping away.

I think that once I’m out of classes, I’m going to do some projects around this house that won’t be too costly. I want to rip out the carpet. a) it’d help my allergy situation. b) it’s disgusting and gross and the wood floors will be much better. We’ll see how that works out. But that’s in the future, not now. Now, tonight, this week, we’re calming down. Staying close to home. Yardwork, some real meals that don’t come from a drive thru or delivery person, calm, normal, restful. That’s what we’re hoping for this week. Woah on the Fun for just a bit.

Now if you’ll escuse me, I’ve got some clothes to fold, some sheets to change and some vacuuming to do.

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