Good Friday

Has this week lasted for three months…or is it just me?

I sit here this morning, sipping coffee, listening to the impending thunderstorm heading my way and I am feeling so grateful.

Grateful to be surrounded by support, near and far. For your quick comments that lift me up, for the crazy way that life works, for a love that is steadfast and stronger everyday.  Much up and Much down this week, and perhaps that’s not anything unusual…perhaps that is just the way it is.

This weekend I spend some time with Bonusmom. It’s our tradition. I’ve missed her.

Next weekend I get to see the Arkansas family and the WonderKids. Wonderbaby has a birthday. (#wtffiveyearsold???) I will bang some hair. All will be well.

The calendar is about to zoom out of control. Our One Hard Month of school will be in the rearview before we know it. Great things are coming, live music, LTYM, trips to see family and friends. I’m ready for it. I’m ready.

I want to tell you though, that this week, I am just humbled and so grateful for my partners in crime on Listen To Your Mother:OKC. Julie and Heather really make this team the thing that it is, bringing equal parts of calm, snark, and steady faith to the realization of this project. We all have specific skills that we are bringing to the table. This experience…well it wouldn’t be anything nearly as fun without them.

Happy Good Friday, ya’ll. I hope that however you spend this weekend, that you take a minute and breathe. All of the other muck will still be out there, but for a moment…let’s all laugh a little and enjoy the good.

Before the laughter and the tears
Before the laughter and the tears
2013-03-24 12.08.01
We lured them with Girl Scout Cookies!

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