Coming off of a weekend that was just chalk full of socializing it’s taking every bit of effort to force myself to get out into the world and get errands finished today. I just kind of want to lay on the couch, watch a movie, play on the computer and be nonsensical.

Alas, there is no time for nonsense.

Rather than tell you all about the things I need to do for LTYM:OKC, or my research paper, or the laundry issues that are quickly becoming something akin to a natural disaster, or the oil that hasn’t been changed in my car for…awhile***. . . I think I’ll tell you about last night.

***I haven’t taken any big drives in my car since Mark and I started dating and that’s when I would always get the oil changed. I used to be really on top of things like this…I’m doing it today. I swear.

Yesterday was a beautiful Easter Sunday. It’s one of my favorite things that BonusMom and I do, and this year I worried (unnecessarily) about managing a two – family day. I was worried that I would have to choose between Mark’s family celebrations and my tradition with BonusMom. I don’t want to set a precedence for spending holidays separately. But taking into account another person is…well that’s the compromise in a relationship now isn’t it?

There was nothing to worry about. We had an early Easter breakfast with his whole family,  and it was lovely. It feels like I haven’t seen any of them in eons and truly…TRULY I just love these people. They feel like family. Real family.  I know so many things that come with a relationship are just kind of adapted to, dealt with, something that must be done to appease…but I genuinely enjoy this bunch. It’s so nice to have family that lives close by. I miss mine terribly so to be able to just everyone have breakfast together and laugh at the kid and her Easter basket presents…well that is just fine by me. Soul filling.

We then jumped in the car about 10:20 and headed out to Yukon for church service and then dinner at the Frontier. It was Mark’s first time at the Frontier, and we walked the grounds, looking at all the plants and flowers and vegetables and birds and cats and the creek…lots of Nature out there. Lunch was delicious and slow, great food and wine, full of laughter and easy conversation.

Sunday afternoon with my best friend
Sunday afternoon with my best friend #goodlife

We had planned on attacking the rest of the yardwork at his house but by the time we got home via a stop at my house (more clothes) and Lowes(ilovethatstore) our desire to work turned into a desire to sit on a porch and have a beer and just enjoy the sunshine. I love those moments, just the two of us, more easy conversation, and easy silence. We talk about everything and nothing. There is no one I would rather sit with.

Pinterest is jealous of us #goodlife
Pinterest is jealous of us #goodlife

We ended the night with popcorn made on the stove the real way, a few beers, a fuzzy blanket and a movie theatre set up in the back yard.

the PERFECT date #goodlife
the PERFECT date #goodlife

I tell ya my friends, when this man puts on his woo-ing mood…he knows no boundaries.

It’s a good life that we’re forging together. Navigation may be tricky at times. Friends must adjust and understand that there are new boundaries, but time spent in both worlds … trying to balance time with everyone is important to us.  It takes effort and scheduling and some grace on all parts to make that successful and mostly, I think we’ve done okay there. Negotiating holiday time and having new families to consider can be tricky, but we’re doing it pretty well. At times we may communicate worse than Mars and Venus, because he’s a guy with a guy brain, and I’m a girl with feelings on my shoulders and we both bring our fair share of scars to the table. Sometimes dinner is late and doors break and everything goes to hell in a handbasket . . . but some days, you sit in the sunshine and then you sit under the stars, watching a movie and turn the passing trains into a fun little make out game and you hold hands under the blanket and you fall in love all over again.

I’m actually starting to trust this feeling of security…steadfast and safe. I never really thought that would happen.

It’s a #goodlife.

Happy Monday, ya’ll

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