Lists. Remarks. Orders.

Today, I just dump out all the voices onto the blog.


Tests for school. Scheduling study sessions at my house. remember to clean my house. 

Weekend rehearsals. Pick up cupcakes. Meet for lunch after cheering at marathon. Take gold lame Elvis cardboard cutout to marathon.

schedule walk thru appointment at LTYM venue. Call set designer. Call tech dude. Make tech punchlist. make final to do lists for Mark/Sound guy. Make photo/video shot lists for photographer/videographer.

Show order. Make copies for rehearsal. Re-adjust as necessary.

Printer. Confirm programs. Pay for it. Deposit last sponsor check. Pay dues to Ann.

Local Sponsor table. Check on that. Organize the sponsors and their “stuff”

Get show book together. Plastic sleeves, binder.

eat a vegetable. Lay off the sodium. Be on TV Monday morning. Find perfectly perfect black shoes for show. Decide on spray tan. Or not. Schedule if yes.

Start writing opening and closing remarks. Write introductions to each piece. Keep it tight. Use the show time for the stories not your jabberwocky.

Get enrolled for final hour of testing in the Fall. Double and triple check each element as to not screw anything else up.

Try to get hair done before show.

For craps sake, take that good pillow down to Norman.



4 thoughts on “Lists. Remarks. Orders.

  1. Lame Elvis used to be called Gole LahMay Elvis. Until he got run over by my car. He lives in the garage. Now he’s for sure Gold lame elvis!


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