I am agog.

No really. I am.

I knew today was going to be one for the emo-journal-recordbook. What with the marathon this morning, and the cheering and the fabulous everything that goes along with seeing such grace and humanity in our city, and being able to share that experience with my trusted partner M’Lynn and my new partners, Mark and Amy, it was just a joy filled morning. So many great runners, so much cheering. It is my favorite day.

This afternoon was filled with even more amazement. Our first LTYM rehearsal began with some notes about general business, calming some nerves, talking about what we’ve got lined up for the week and gearing ourselves toward our performance. We then settled in for the read through. It was the first time hearing everyone’s story as told by them. The cast was just flawless. These stories…I had a few moments second guessing my lineup, the positioning of each story and it’s relation to the others in the group…but I think I got it right.

I am exhausted.

Emotionally spent. The last week at work, the client goodbyes, the cheering this morning, the stories and watching the magic unfold this afternoon…seriously. I’m agog. Little drool coming off my chin as I type.


Tomorrow morning I’m going to put on the same shirt that I wore today *because jewel tones are good on camera I’ve been told and it’s the only shirt I like right now* and get up at the crack of hmmm-hmmmm and be at the television station at 6am. Bright eyed and bushytailed and ready to promote our show along side Sheradee who not only has just the most touching of stories in our lineup, but has gone above and beyond to hook us up with the PR connections that she still has. We will be on KFOR tomorrow at 6:15 am.

Tonight, I’m making lists, and getting ready for tomorrow. Meeting with our tech guy at the venue, meeting with our set designer, lists lists and more lists!

I’m going to probably have a bite to eat, make a list, and go to bed.

I am agog at the beauty of the show. And exhausted from the emotion

One thought on “Agog.

  1. I am excited for you. You and your team have worked so hard on this for what seems like forever. It is going to be a grand thing, this sharing of hearts and stories. We won’t be there in person (blame Jack’s new job that pays wonderful money), but we will be cheering you (and all of LTYM ) on when the big day comes.


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