Brought To You By The Number 5

Five Days Until Listen To Your Mother Debuts In OKC!

Five. Days.

Seems like a perfect excuse for a list! I’ve got more than five things left to do before LTYM, so maybe we’ll just go with five things you should KNOW about LTYM and if you’re on the fence about buying tickets, this should push you right over the edge!


5) Our local cause is Infant Crisis Services. We are doing a diaper drive, in addition to giving a MINIMUM of 10% of our ticket sales to this amazing place. They are doing the work, insuring that no one that asks for help leaves empty handed. Their mission?

Infant Crisis Services provides life sustaining formula, food and diapers to babies and toddlers in times of crisis…Because no baby should go hungry.

Because No. Baby. Should. Go. Hungry.

Let that just sit in your heart for a few minutes.

4) There is an energy flowing between each cast member that is making it difficult for me to find the best adjectives to describe it. You will feel it. It’s support. It’s magic. It’s familial. It’s empathy and understanding. It’s hilarity and bawdy and raucous and fun. All of this is happening between our cast. When you come to the show, this energy will spill out over the stage and into the audience and flow through each one of you. Better than happy hour, any day!

3) The stories of our cast are what they should be. Amazing. Touching. Heartfelt. Emotional. Hysterical. Raw. Vulnerable. Real. I dare you to sit through the show and not nod your head in agreement, not feel a connection in the sisterhood. It is impossible. These stories are the epitome of grace. Real Life.

2) The LTYM movement is growing, gaining strength the likes of an Oklahoma Spring Storm. The time is coming, and it is coming soon, when there won’t be a person that doesn’t know what LTYM is. We in Oklahoma are blessed to get to the party this year. You in the audience? You’ll have bragging rights for years. YEARS!

1) I guarantee you, that for the price of a ticket $15.00, you will not find a better afternoon of pure entertainment, good-cause-fundraising, feel good connections than at the Will Rogers Theatre at 2:00 pm. You are going to walk out of that theatre saying things like, “Ya know, Misti has been telling us…but I had NO IDEA…”

For me, personally, I have butterflies of excitement at the thought of so many of my favorite people in the same room. It’s my favorite thing in the world! Thank you for trusting me and buying your tickets and supporting this thing.

It’s gonna be a great time!


Here’s our newest video of rehearsal!



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