The Show That Cried SOLD OUT

Have I lost your trust yet?

I’ve claimed that our LTYM show has sold out.


And really it has. But I know we have a lot of hours between now and 2:00 pm on Sunday May 5th, and I promise you this. The thought of one of you Not seeing this show? It breaks my heart. This is magic. There will be more magical LTYM:OKC shows. There will. But this is the first one. This is the first cast. It won’t be THIS again.

And it kills me to think about turning people away.


We took the plunge and bought the final 50 seats this morning. We have something in the 30’s remaining to sell. It’s more money for the babies at Infant Crisis. And it’s more people who will get a taste of something really special on Sunday.

If there is anyone that YOU know, that doesn’t know about this? Give them a heads up, won’t you? for tickets.


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