The Day Before The Day Before The Show, Ya’ll

This is the day that brings meltdowns and crazy voices. The day before the day before is breeding ground for the what if’s and the nerves and anything negative that one could possibly think.

Physical, mental and emotional weariness sets in and the excitement has one day of pause. Tomorrow will be the “tomorrow is our show ya’ll” day. Sunday is the day of the show ya’ll day. Today…

Today is the day before the day before.

Generally on this day I can be found sitting on the side of the bathtub doing any amount of melting down.

I broke a tiny bit today after I said goodbye to one of my utmost favorite clients. I just cannot with that…

I had some scheduling crazy at work, trying to get everyone in for one last hair banging. I needed to get to my alternations lady 30 minutes north  so that I could get my dress, then back down to my hood for my spray tan.

Initially we were going to meet my family for dinner. I had to pull the plug on that plan. Just too much.

So. Here I sit. With dirty knees and neck, just had some mediocre General Tso’s chicken. I have an entire evening to make a few more lists, to finish putting the program inserts in and to put myself to bed. I’m exhausted.

But here’s the thing.

This show? It’s all worth it.

Come Sunday at 2:10 pm? none of it matters. The things I got right. The things I missed. The seats that are empty. None of it. What matters is that the stage will be full of amazing, brave writers who are sharing their stories. What matters is the audience of close to **400 that will receive those stories and connect in a way that they truly aren’t prepared for. What matters is the connections and the phenomenal bonding that has taken place within the cast…friendships that weren’t three months ago…are. What matters is the money we are giving to Infant Crisis. Because no baby should go hungry.

So tonight, I’m going to allow myself a little meltdown. I might even go to sleep before the sun goes down. I’m going to make some lists and delegate them to family tomorrow.

And I am going to savor this ride. I’m going to throw my hands above my head and scream with joy. Because it’s one of the best ones I’ve ever ridden.

The day before the day before the show usually takes me out at the knee. Today, I’m going to just let it take me to bed.

**we have 17 tickets left to sell.


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