Listening to the Echos

And just like that…it’s over.

Yesterday was a continuous string of transformative moments. I was strung pretty tight, and know what to do about that day of show stuff for next year. But it came together. We arrived at the theatre, early. Ryan and PseudoSis 1 Michelle were there with our set furniture. The theatre what was supposed to already be pre-set with chairs was…mostly pre-set with chairs. Our contact/tech guy wasn’t there until after we expected him to be. Lots of little frustrations like no toilet paper in the restrooms, stage not clear, no trash liners in the trashcans in our getting ready space…it’s the details, right? Ugh.


Our cast arrived and the energy was crackling and we did our walk through on our GORGEOUS set, we spiffed and posed for pictures. Heather, Julie and I were graced by beautiful flowers to plant, and cards and gifts of pedicures. It was happening.

400 people were arriving. Waves and waves of people. The theatre was packed.

As we entered the stage they gave a round of applause that really just felt like a blanket around us. They were ready. They were ready for this ride!

My own nerves bubbled up and I completely screwed up the opening remarks. Skipped the sponsor thank you’s the details that I so meticulously put on paper…skipped right over it. Jumped straight to the stories.

But hey, that’s what we were there for, right?

And they were. That audience was with us every word, every page turn, every breath. They laughed and cried and clapped and laughed and clapped. They were in it. Story after story. Each one delivered with such grace and timing and courage.

I couldn’t have been more proud of each reader. I felt like I would burst.

It was finally my turn, and my story was met with the same gracious welcome as the previous stories had been. My mom laughed, my sister laughed. It was good.

I stumbled again over the closing remarks, but got the stuff I missed in the opening and thanked our sponsors! But damnit my heart was pounding and my eyes were jumpy and I had a case of cottonmouth that cannot be described.

We took our bow (s) and we hugged and laughed.

It was over.

Engulfed in well wishes and requests to speak at other engagements, and posing for pictures…I barely remember the details. I kissed Mark. I hugged everyone. Clients, friends, family…

The cast were each embraced in their fan base, love, support and laughter just echoed throughout the theatre. They really did something on that stage, the connections…it showed.

The same group of angels cleared the set, cleaned up the sponsor table things, cleaned up all of the things…We went to The Wedge for some after partying and re-living and more laughing.

We made plans for a reunion that includes Granny’s pies and we toasted our success.

Mark and I went home to Norman, he built a fire in the fire pit and we sat on the porch and had some wine and re-lived it all.

It really was magical.

Today I gave myself the day off. I napped. I started laundry. I watered flowers. I answered some texts, but mostly had the phone turned off. Tomorrow I will return sponsor things, make deposits into our account, settle up with our venue, study for finals, clean out my station at the salon and begin to wrap my head around it all.

But tonight…

Tonight I’m going to re-live it all again. I’m going to feel proud of the thing that Julie and Heather and this cast and all of our helpers, this amazing thing that we did.


3 thoughts on “Listening to the Echos

  1. I am simply proud to be friends who can make something like this happen so that people can share that scary, screwball, magical thing that family can be. You rock.


  2. It was ALL that you describe from my seat as well. It was fun to look around and see so many people moved, so many people laughing, and a few times, so many of us holding our breath. It was a WONDERFUL event, Misti. Your cast was perfect. You did a beautiful job!!! And can I say that I got chills a few times while listening to the pre-show music…I kept thinking, “That’s my girl!”


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