An Open Letter To the Staff and Clients of Salon W


Yesterday I cleaned out my station and paid up my color and booth rent bills and walked out of Salon W for the final time as an employee. We all knew this day was coming but with the excitement and crazy that came with producing a sold out show on Sunday, my final day as a stylist on Saturday seemed just another day. I knew I would have most of these amazing fellow employees in the audience. Clients would be there as well. It was a comfort, a nice little padding in this ostrich hold I’d stuck my head in.

In the final throes of the show, switching my brain towards what lies ahead, my heart began to hurt a bit.

This was a place where, when I moved I felt so lonely. Feelings that are so far removed from my experience they seem comical. I have developed friendships that I will keep forever. I have inside jokes with my girls that will fuel even my darkest days. The laughter that rings in my heart when assessing the most ridiculous of human behavior, that will sustain.

This was a place where my clients felt at home. Time and time again for the past three and a half years, they spoke of the comfortable and laid back environment of Salon W. They loved the freedom and let’s be honest, they loved the wine. They loved how the salon supported me in my Grad School Thing. . . right up until it took me away.

We have all scrambled to contact as many of my clients as possible. Even last night, I had a text from one with “what’s going on???” and I felt so bad that I hadn’t called her. I’m still trying to tie up those loose ends. I have great people to refer my clients to and for that I am ever thankful.

It has truly, truly, truly been my pleasure to be a part of this family.

The sinks and those crackled cabinets be damned!

I take away lessons and skills that will fuel my next adventure, and I have learned by example, from each of you, how to do it right.

Thank you for allowing me this opportunity, and for letting me go and encouraging me to fly. Thank you for your tireless energy, your 90’s on the 9 mornings, your eyerolls and high fives at just the right time in the day. Thank you for the crazy, the off the wall and the care that you took with my clients.

You are loved.

And I will see you again.

at the first sight of my own roots.

Image 3

4 thoughts on “An Open Letter To the Staff and Clients of Salon W

  1. What a great part of your journey Salon W turned out to be!:) The selfish side of me is sad to lose you as a stylist but the loving, caring, friend side of me is unbelievably excited and happy for you as you start this next part of your life’s journey. Good luck, God bless, Love you & See you soon. :*


  2. Holy HELL!! It’s been over THREE YEARS?!?! What HAPPENS to the damn time? I’m so glad you found family there and it was a good place for you.


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