There is a motion that comes with death.

Slightly forward.

Slightly back.

Breathing when you remember. Releasing the breath caught in your throat.

Making choices. I dont know what do you think I think it should we might need to why wont it maybe we could I don’t care what do you think. . .

and on and on and on.

Exhaustion has set in.

I’m seeing that there is real food being ingested, some nutrition and water and tequila all being applied.

Tomorrow I leave here early enough to be in OKC at 9:30 for an all day planning retreat. Back here again early Friday morning for the evening service.

Back to OKC early Saturday for an all day volunteer training session.

We have the next week covered with family in attendance. We’ll figure out the rest.

Forward motion. Because even when it seems profoundly impossible…

the Earth turns.

2 thoughts on “Motion

  1. Be strong. Have courage. For The Lord your god is with you.

    Those verses put to music, the way my church sings them sometimes, are what comes to my mind first when I read your posts this week.


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