Catching Up

This is the first moment I’ve had to breathe a bit since the awful of last week. And lookie here. It’s Thursday. Two days left to complete major projects, get the house in order for company, think about packing (laundry/shopping), wedding hair this weekend, arrange for kitty care and then BOOM. It’ll be Cousinpalooza.

I couldn’t be more ready.

Work is gearing up and I’m going 90 to nothing and today is the first day I feel THIS close to finishing a task. I was there past 6:30 and would’ve probably stayed later but Julie and I had free passes to see The Heat with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy. I laughed so hard.

It was exactly what I needed.

So work is busy. Next week is the first week of our shut-down/intense training/let’s all get on the same page and go forward kind of thing. My trip was already on the books when they hired me so I’ll miss the last two and a half days of it. My presentation will be Monday. Lordy.

I got to spend a little time with Bill Guy last night. He was in the state for all of 48 hours and luck had it so that I got about 2 of those hours. I do love that man. We talked hard and fast and soaked it all in. He met Mark, and we talked of when he retires back in Norman and the grand days we have ahead. God willing.

I love my job.

Life is good.

I’m ready for a routine that holds more time for friends. Right now I have to go because this fat kitty is insisting I make some time for him.


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