Our first annual Cousinpalooza trip is officially in the books.

I’m going to call it a success.

Mark and I drove back to Norman yesterday from Austin, TX. The first day back is always difficult. His day has been worse than mine. He’s still working, technically. I’m about to get laundry going, and unpack my suitcase and tackle some of these house chores and maybe pack some china.

Now that it’s July…

This is the month I have my giantass garage sale. You want an awesome piano, treadmille, couch, oversize chair and ottoman, love seat with some cat damage, queen size mattress set/bed frame or headboard? I’m your girl.

This month, I hope to get officially moved to Norman.

This month, I hope to find office space in Norman.

This month, I want to eat more real, fresh foods than restaurant food.

I want to settle in.

But tonight, I’m just going to do a little laundry, eat some more salad, and think about last week and how much I love my family.

If you’re interested, check it out here:

We Are Family
We Are Family


3 thoughts on “Cousinpalooza

  1. You guys look so relaxed and happy in your custom tees and your hat makes the perfect focus for the pic!

    Sending all the good juju for office space location and moving!


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