Head. Ache.

So the office is closed down again this week for intensive staff development and strategic planning. I’m all for it. Seriously. I love this stuff. The thing I dislike is the negative energy that some people are bringing by the handfulls.

I know this reaction comes from a place of fear. Perhaps it really comes from a bully-type attitude. Too afraid that someone is blaming them for processes that aren’t working, not willing to focus forward to the best possible processes and just make that leap. So much time being spent qualifying poor behavior and service that yesterday it felt as if we were in a quagmire of that stuff swirlling around Pigpen on the Peanuts cartoon.

I had plans to have drinks with Trey who I haven’t seen in 8 months. I had an invite to happy hour with the office girls. Seriously. The Office Girls Invited Me To Happy Hour!!! I did neither. I called in a salad and came home and sat in the dark and ate in the quiet. I had a pounding headache and just felt generally awful.

Our day began with an intense 3 hour talk from the gang task force of the OKC PD.

We have more gang members in OKC than we do Girl Scouts.

That’s the nicest fact I can put down.

So it was just a heavy day.

I’m also coordinating our end of week finale. Because when your CEO says, “would you like to be on the Celebration Committee?” you say “Yes.” Even though you know it’s a committee of one. So I’ve been doing that. And with a little help from my friends, facebook, and family, and a little grace from that dude off Ebay…I think we’re going to end the week with some good food, smiles, and debrief in a way that is fun and most important POSITIVE.

I didn’t pack one single thing last night. I did get a call about a free ticket to The King and I tonight. Which means I won’t pack tonight either. It’ll all get finished. I know it. Today is a brand new day. Brand. New. Day.

Also, HUMPDAY ya’ll!


3 thoughts on “Head. Ache.

  1. My friend Christine Toy Johnson is in K&I. Look out for her! And have a great time.
    You don’t have to pack. I found out that if you aren’t finished the packing guys just start throwing shit in boxes for you.


  2. Packing works better with a hard deadline, right? Real close to the deadline, too.

    You throw a good celebration. Everyone’s going to love it!


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