What a Long Strage Trip It’s Been–Thankful Friday

This week has lasted for 7 months. I promise you that. This is the week of our staff development/strategic planning shut down where the real work began, and the true emotions and personalities came out.

I am thankful that I have some co-workers with the same sense of humor that I have, whose eyes I can catch and speak a thousand words from across the room.

It’s been said that the only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.

Our company has a circus full of them.

This week they’ve been “on the table” and “in the room” and everyone wants to talk about them, and while that kind of communication is the birthplace of forward motion, I think there have been several that got caught up in the victim mentality and instead of chewing on their bite of elephant, they’re just gumming it into a soggy ass mess.

Spit. It. Out.

Didn’t we learn that as the youngest of humans? The moment you bit into a piece of gristle filled meat, your mom knew by the look on your face to get a napkin up to your mouth. Right?

If something tastes bad..we SPIT IT OUT!

I am thankful for the lessons I learned young that have carried through until now.

I love my job. I love getting to know these people. They are a dynamic, passionate, amazingly gifted and talented group of people who are…I do really believe…committed to the same goal of bringing some cohesive and productive forward motion back into Girl Scouts.

This week has been hard. But the hard work is where the changes come that everyone so desperately cries out for because right now, for a long time, it has been a completely dysfunctional workplace. For many reasons. But right here. Today. Things are moving forward.

I truly hope that when I get to the office that everyone will have taken a breath and pulled their panties out of their crack and realized that nothing is stagnant. If something needs changing, change it. Don’t complain about it. ***

Today I am thankful for my personal philosophy that I’ve had since I don’t know when.

“Everything is a choice. Breathing and dying are not. Every Single Thing Else IS A CHOICE.”


Choose differently.

Get happy.

Stop being a victim.

This serves no one.

That’s the message I’m crafting in my head for today’s end of planning celebration and happy happy positive fun time. And I will. I’ve had great input from two parental units who actually DO this kind of training and reengaging and development for a living. I’ve learned at the feet of masters.

I am thankful for the family that I was given and the lessons they have taught me.

I’m going to finish my coffee on my porch as I watch the world wake up. I’ve been awake since 4am, and really I should’ve just got out of bed and come outside. It’s really quite beautiful

I’m thankful, oh so thankful that it’s Friday. That I get to do the 2nd Friday Artwalk with my love tonight. That we get to spend the weekend packing up my house and working on the garage sale. I’m thankful that my a/c repair guy is my friend and I can trust him to just go to my house while I’m at work and right the wrong that sent me to Norman last night to escape an 80 degree house.

I’m really thankful for this coffee cup that we got at Buc-ees during Cousinpalooza. It reminds me of how a group of individuals can come together and spend quality time and not be assholes.

My office could use a lesson from the Cousins this week.

The most fabulous thing I’m thankful for this week?

Our Listen To Your Mother videos went live on YouTube!!! You can watch them here! Aren’t these stories just heartfelt? What a great great thing that was.

Here’s my story. Let’s end on a piece of laughter ok?

What are you thankful for?

Happy Friday ya’ll!


***remind me to tell you about our end of week thing I’m planning. It has everything to do with the culture of complaining.

3 thoughts on “What a Long Strage Trip It’s Been–Thankful Friday

  1. I love, love, love this blog post. It is a good reminder to me. I went back to work yesterday after a week away for all.things.in.the.circle.of.life and I mean all things, but I had a delightful conversation with a coworker at the end of the day where we hashed out a strategy and a plan. I trust her and she trusts me and we walked through to a good result. I’m thinking differently and she is to. Love your VIDEO!!!!!!!


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