Easy Like Sunday Morning

These real weekends are pretty awesome.

Friday afternoon after the week of training ended, Mark and I met his work friends for drinks and lots of laughing. And more drinks. We went elsewhere and ate some dinner and then came home, sat on the porch and saw the same gang of raccoons leaving their lair from across the street. It’s never boring. That’s for sure.

Saturday we went to my house and packed. Mark repaired the cat door. We packed and sorted into garage sale items and discussed the pros and cons of hiring movers.

I am Pro.

He is Con.

shake my head.

We got much done, felt really productive but the reality became more…real.

I’m going to live with a boy.

All that stuff, is coming to this house.

All of my big stuff…will be sold.

It has made me stumble more than once, that thought. I’m selling everything. Save about three things. Just a little anxiety. Nothing serious.

I’m all good now.

Quality time with Mark, progress around our house(s), learning to relax. I picked up the new David Sedaris book. It has been a delight thus far.

Right now, I’m grilling farmers market vegetables for a salad. Oh yeah. We went to he FarmersMarket on Saturday morning.

I am crosseyed with the giddy.

I’m part of a couple that gets up and goes to the farmers market and then gets to prep and eat on it all week.

I. Love. It.

4 thoughts on “Easy Like Sunday Morning

  1. Pro movers. You won’t be sorry. As far as your stuff is concerned, they will always make more stuff. Bless it and let it go. Enjoy the new stuff.


  2. Oh lord. I am pro movers too. seriously. you KNOW how many books I have. AFTER I sell the boxes on Saturday.
    But yeah. Thanks for that. You’re right. I do so love the new stuff. ❤


  3. Remember when you came over and helped us pack the rest of our things into the moving truck? That right there made me promise myself to never do that to anybody ever again. I will hire movers next time. HIRE MOVERS! You’re too old for that shit.


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