Sale! Sale! Sale!

Have you heard? I’m selling everything. Lots of things. Most all of the things.

Last night I packed more. Reposted my Craigslist ad. Fielded questions online. I think we’ll sell some good stuff for the Friday night two hour presale I’m doing for Facebook/Twitter friends. Taryn comes up tomorrow night, Mark will be up tomorrow night to move things into the garage. I myself have to attend a community tornado task force meeting representing Girl Scouts, so that kind of bites in terms of time to work on it.

But. Whatever we don’t sell, we either give away or we move and sell at the one we’ll have in Norman in a few weeks.

Im excited for a weekend with my sis. I’m excited to purge myself of things.

I’m really ready to be past the next two weekends.

So are the kittys.

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