Our House Is A Very Very Very Fine House.

I’ve thought about writing.

I’ve thought about it and then like this morning, I look up and it’s time for me to get my lunch ready and get myself ready and get on the road for my commute. So once again, I put this into the draft section and move along and think…I’ll write again. Things are calming down and I’ll have time to do my daily writing again.


It’s a week later.

I’m officially moved.

The cats are here.

There are boxes and stacks and piles everywhere. Furniture in every corner.

But I’m here.

I thought I’d write. Write and write and write and tell you all about it. About my garage sale success (over 1500!!! paid off a credit card!) About moving the cats. About a certain showercurtainincident that probably will go unmentioned here. About my job and the actual moving day and the emotions and the cranky. About coming home to the same place. About the caterwauling that happens about 3am when Stormy NEEDS OUT DAMNIT TO HELL. About the new fancy litter box that is the loudest most frustrating 40 bucks ever spent on crap disposal. ugh. About making plans with Mandrea to bookend the shenanigans that Brokedown Palace was a witness to with a bottle of wine on my wood floors. About how life has changed so much since I bought that house.

I thought I’d write about Trisha being here this week (thank you GOD) or about my first CST meeting or about the Tornado Task Force at work. About the 4+ inches of rain and subsequent flooding on Friday, or the awesome house concert featuring a group called Carolina Story that we went to. (I’d tell you to buy their cd, but it sounds like crap. Wait for their new one. Because they truly do have amazing voices.) I thought I’d write about BlogHer what I didn’t go to even though I had a ticket (new job) or discuss how friendships change and shift and how interesting the feelings are that come around when you’ve been “officially” blocked by someone who you weren’t ever really great friends with but certainly have no reason to think you are an enemy. I wanted to talk to you about LTYM and plans for writing in my future. I thought I would talk about the Leadership Conference with Sarkeys Foundation that I’ll be attending in November, because I’m really excited about that.

I kind of wanted to talk about how I think True Blood is a waste of my time and how Newsroom is so awesome and how I’m so excited for Breaking Bad to start and can’t wait for my tv sessions with Michael to resume.

I also wanted to tell you about our impending Colorado vacation and the teardrop’s first trip.

But I’m so freakin tired.

And there is laundry to be done. And cats to be fed. And so many boxes. So. Many. Boxes.

So I guess what I’ll tell you instead of all of those things is this:

I can’t remember being happier in so many areas of my life at one time…and not being scared that it was too good to be true…being able to really feel it and trust it.

I’ll be back on a regular basis sometime soon.

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