I worked from home today, answered emails, made many a phone call, ran some errands for my CSTs, met with potential office leasing people. I actually do think I found office space, and barring any unforeseen circumstances should be officing about 8 minutes away from my house by the middle to end of next month.

Total success on that scene.

I started unpacking and rearranging. I think I’m mostly unpacked and organized in the bathroom. Still more to go there but for the most part that one is finished. We tackled the kitchen tonight. Mark went through each cabinet, we made another sale pile, we opened more boxes. “I’m like a box valet” he says. “Just tell me what you want.”

I wanted my kitchen unpacked. And while there are a few things on the counter and I have no idea where the cookbooks will go and we really need to clear out some other drawers and ultimately we may wind up reorganizing it all over again…it is unpacked and functioning.

My kitchen.

I’m happy with that.

He just moved my dresser into a space and off of its side. I can now start putting away clothes and figuring out that part. I think we’ll see some major progress by the weeks end.

Hopefully I’ll be moving into my office by the month’s middle.

Then no more moving. Just nesting. That’s what I want. And time for us to ride our bikes. And time to get the teardrop in shape for our trip at the end of next month. and and and  🙂

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