The weeks are a blur.

Every day last week was full and long, every single night was spent at a Back to School Night doing recruiting for Girl Scouts. Things are shaping up there. I’m in my office in Norman, though I have a folding card table and folding chair and many boxes. I’m destined it seems for the time being to live out of boxes.

Our house is in a living place. There are still boxes in the office. There is still stuff in the garage at Brokedown Palace. But we worked ourselves numb last weekend making the house liveable. That has been priceless. I’m thankful for the house being clean enough and put together enough for Mark’s family to have been here last night.

It seems that the only moments of peace are those we find right before we crash. Sitting on our porch, talking mostly of the things we have got to get done in the upcoming days. . . but I’m thankful for those moments.

So many stories I think about writing. I fell at one of the BTSN’s and since then the bruises are fairly awesome, but my wrist if janky. I have a wrist guard that I’m wearing periodically. I think it’s just bruised and maybe a little sprained. But damn. Falling sucks. The children I’ve met at the schools are all so full of awesome and energy and excitement for the new. Even and especially the kids in the Moore school district.

I have an employee now. She started last week unbeknownst to me, so I have some catching up to do, and now there are goals to set and those goals are dependent on my goals and bla bla bla GAAAAAAAH!. shit. My brain is fractured into a million tiny cookies, each one working on a project that in and of itself could be a full time job.

Mark worked like crazy this weekend on our trailer. She is ready to roll! The hitch is attached, the wiring is a go. All we really need is to do some cleaning, and making our lists of what stuff to take and we’ll be ready to hit the road to Colorado in 10 days.

I don’t know when I’ve needed a vacation more.

Oh wait.

Last year, right before I went to Harvest Fest. That’s right.

Saturday morning was spent at the vet with Sam. He’s got the worms. Ugh. It was a good hour and a half and the woman who was our intake nurse person almost got chopped in half. Lucky for her the vet stepped in and we came home with the proper meds and all will be well.

The house is under contract. We had the inspection last week. There are . . . things that have come into play, as one might expect with that place. I think it will all work out. Well. It will. One way or another. I don’t know if we’ll be able to stay on our timeline though and that sucks for all involved. Just really ready for it to be off of our plate.

I have so many other things in my head…so many thoughts buzzing around. I miss writing on a daily basis. Clearly life has transitioned back into that place where I must force myself to take time to write. The entire reason I started this blog to begin with all those years ago.

I’m really thankful though, for all of it. For all of it. For not having to sit at the vet alone. For not having to make a thousand decisions and choices alone. For being able to turn to someone else and say, “what do you think?” and get an answer. For that I’m so thankful.

It’s a blur right now. Recruitment. The return of the students and his job being crazy. Impending trips and houses for sale and boxes boxes boxes.

Someday soon though it will calm down. Someday.

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