When I started That Grad School Thing all those years ago I was so worried about juggling all of the things Bill told me these sage words:

“we’re all juggling. the key is knowing what balls will bounce and which ones will break”

It seems as if I not only take those words to heart daily, but I espouse them to all of my volunteers and potential volunteers as well.

I thought I’d just do a quick rundown on the balls in the air at the moment.

*I checked in with my advisor for finally finishing Grad School and the hoops I have to jump through. The Comps are scheduled for September 24. Five weeks. Five weeks and I will go sit, write my heart out (again) and pray for a pass.

*Brokedown Palace is still in contract. There are inspections and negotiations and a few major repairs to be done. We’ll know more after Thursday as to if we are keeping our original closing target date of Sept 16.

*My job is nuts. I have an office with no furniture. Files on the floor, boxes, some electronics turned on, some waiting the furniture. The BTSNs are finished. Recruiting events start this week. I’ll be in Shawnee Thursday and Friday nights. Norman Saturday day. Once the information is captured the real work begins in forming troops, placing girls, getting volunteers properly signed up, background checked, and trained to lead. We have goals, that have been set, given to our volunteer officers and now they are going to change. I have an employee that I don’t have a for sure plan for yet who cannot office with me as there is no room for her as there is no furniture or organization yet. She too will have goals that I will need to set and ensure that she meets. I’m happy with the confidence in my ability. I have moments where I just want to damn worry about my own self. This is where I leap and trust that the net appears.

*Our House is a Very Very Very Fine House. With two cats…that have worms. ugh. After two hours at the vet on Saturday morning we have dosed them and are on our way to being worm free.

*We still live among boxes and disorder. I have no idea when I will give a shit about unpacking again.

*Our trailer is working. Electronics, all of it. Just some cleaning and planning and packing and we’ll be ready to go. That is THIS CLOSE to getting crossed off the list.

*bills. bills. bills. Just ready to only pay at one house.

It’s really no more than anyone else in the world. I’ve always said that the only reason my stuff is important, is because it’s mine. Your’s is just as important. I sometimes get so buried that I feel…buried.

I’m juggling. Dropping some..so far they’ve all bounced.

2 thoughts on “Juggling

  1. Misti- I’m baaaaaaaaack! You are doing a great job of keeping everything up in the air and completing what you can when you can. Good job, girlfriend! Karen


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