Who Knew?

I got office furniture delivered yesterday. Finally. Four days w/o any kind of desk and when they showed up…well let’s just say it was total bullshit.

I didn’t get to pick out this furniture. Timing being what it was, and the facilities director dropping the ball on ordering the stuff, then I didn’t get to pick it out. I saw a photo via text and thought ok. That’s fine. Well “they” brought it. There are pieces missing. They just plopped them in the middle of the office. I tried to arrange it so that it worked, not realizing there were pieces missing. I ganked my back a little. The a/c wasn’t working properly in there either. Push came to shove…literally…and I sent a raging text that said COME PICK THIS SHIT UP.

If this is the way we’re going to “set up a branch office” by the way that we are not killing ourselves on in rent, then screw it. I’ll go buy it myself.

The chair “they” sent was something-my hand to God- that was picked up at a garage sale. It is bullshit.

There were many texts and phone calls. I calmed down…a little. Only after I lost it to the Facilities Director AND the IT guy. Poor Chad.

My last text was to Mark. Come help me move this shit.

And his brain worked. He saw what was happening, where the missing piece was supposed to be, he could move the super heavy stuff around…he made some sense out of chaos.

My brain just couldn’t see it. Thankfully his did.

Today is the first of the next three days I’ll be in Shawnee. I think Trish is going to sew me up some curtains and such for the office. I’ve got a Kurieg in sight. It’ll start coming together I know.

Who knew that office furniture could be such bullshit? I didn’t. I do know that poor customer service will send me over the edge like no ones business. There’s no excuse for it. None.

One last gulp of coffee and it’s off to see what today brings!

6 thoughts on “Who Knew?

  1. does this “desk” have a skinny little top drawer? methinks Ima order you a cute green flask to slip in there for just such occasions 🙂


  2. I completely feel your pain! I have been in my new office since June and I cannot make the furniture work. I have bruised my body trying to rearrange it, I still have crap in boxes… I am not complaining about getting a new office by any means but damn…


  3. Just keep juggling knowing you are doing good work. And then when those days of vacation come, savor them.

    I do not envy your current chaos, but I certainly understand it.


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