Friday! Saturday! Bring Me Sunday!

Yesterday was full of meetings, beginning at 9:30 with an All Staff, some rearranging of afternoon meetings into lunch meetings, more meetings. Then it was pile things in my car from the Mar/Com closet and head out to Shawnee for the Spotlight on Shawnee event. This was a community event, set up on a downtown street that was blocked off and used as a welcome for OBU students. I went with the expectation that I would a) get some time spent with my CST Manager. b) get the face of Girl Scouts back out and visible in the area and c) MAYBE get a few names of students that could possible volunteer some time, perhaps the music major can work a music badge with the troops, or the Physical Ed/Vollyball girls can work a PE badge with the troops. Something. Maybe I would get a few names for the Alumni Association. I hear this “I used to be a Girl Scout” so many times in the recruitment events, and it doesn’t matter if you were “just” a Brownie, or if you completed through your Gold Award. Once a Girl Scout Always a Girl Scout, so you are viable for this alumni.

I got an entire sign up sheet. Four Gold Award girls, some photography majors who want to help with the photography badge, and about 80% of the list were happy to get info on the Alumni Association. *it looks great on a resume.

I didn’t get home until well past 9…closer to 10pm.

I’m doing it all again tonight and again tomorrow from 1-3 here in Norman.

Send me some energy, some positive forward motion that I can send into the communities. We must have adults who can give a few hours of their time to these girls. We have GOT to find the people who can be a role model, who can help with one event, who can help with more than one event. We have to find these people or the girls don’t get to form troops. We have to find these people or the volunteers already in place become even more over worked and closer to burnout.

I approach this with my Stone Soup Girl Scout Theory.

If one person can do one thing one time a month…

If one person can do one thing two times a month…

If one person can do one thing for four weeks…

We have a troop.

We have girls who are able to participate and to learn and most importantly, we have girls who once a week get told how amazing they are, how awesome they are doing in life and how fabulous they are going to be in the future.

That’s the thing right there. That’s the thing.

So send some of your magic over these events please.


Meanwhile back at the ranch…

We are frantically working on getting ready for our trip. Mark has been checking things off of his list…(his lists have sublists). We have some errands and things to really buckle down and do this weekend and I think we will be ready. Hell. We were ready last night.

My office is shaping up. I still don’t have a complete desk but my IT guy is coming down today to finish the electronics/printer. I’ve got much computer work to be done today. Follow up from the events/meetings yesterday. My employee is set with work for the next week while I’m gone so that’s good.  Trish is shopping for fabric for my window treatments today. I think I’ll go buy my own chair. *I will not get mad about my office today. I will not get mad about my office today. I will not—*

Brokedown Palace is getting a new HVAC system. The price came in exactly where I thought it would. The guy opened the door to the existing unit and physically gasped. Apparently there is great wonder as to why I lived there and escaped harm. I get so pissed off when I think of the “a/c guy” I had inspect it, and what the hell the actual inspector did to say “this unit is janky but you’re safe” Pfffft. I feel really good about Julie having it now though. It will be safe. The bills will be SO MUCH LESS. It will be good. We’re still on track, just need the appraisal to come through.

It’s time. Time for me to giddy up and gulp and go.

Happy Friday, ya’ll.

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