Sacred Time

I finished a long day of work and dealing with volunteers and seeing just how dysfunctional the information flow really is with one of my/all of my/ CSTs yesterday around 5pm. I had to come home and put myself down for a little 30 minute nap. When I got up, Mark was cleaning our trailer. Hand washing her with the utmost of care, running the battery to test the lifespan, airing it all out, measuring for ice chests….really other than fresh bedding she is ready.

We walked up to Lion’s Park and did a quick run through of Midsummer Night’s Fair which is a juried arts show that happens in the same park that Summer Breeze uses. It was a little over 4 miles round trip that we walked and when we got home we sat on the porch and talked. We do that every night. We sit on the porch and talk and talk and talk until we have more yawns than words coming out of our mouths. Both of us have so much work to do with our jobs before we leave. Our hearts however, are already on the mountains.

Today has been spent prepping for tonights concert. Elephant Revival is the last band we saw at Harvest Fest last year. I love them so. We’ll seen them next week at Four Corners. Tonight, Norman gets to see them for free. I am continuously amazed at the things Mark does for the community. It’s a lot of work. But the payoff is pretty awesome.

As much as we are busy, and frenzied and getting caught up in our routines, it’s really nice to go sit under the stars and watch some magic happen on a stage in a park. That’s my sacred Sunday time.

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