Right now, in Pagosa Springs, it is 52 degrees.

Highs in the 80s during the day, 50s at night.

The trailer is packed. Mark is taking the car for maintenance at 7:30. While he’s gone I’ll finish packing the kitchen bits, my personal getting ready bits and put the house back to rights.

I’m not relaxed yet. I’m not even close. My brain is still running lists of things we need for this trip, things for my job, things for the closing of the house* and things for when we get back.

Those voices have about 8 hours the shut the hell up. When we pull into the Santa Fe National Forrest this evening…I want nothing but radio silence up there.

I’ll probably post pics on Instagram. But I won’t be writing.

Prayers for traveling mercies for us and our friends that are also going, and I’ll see you on the flip side.


**appraisal came through on my house. we are set to close on the 16th. In fact I’ll have all of my papers signed next week. Then we have to clear out the garage and make the repairs. We should be finished with this project by the end of September/first of October. Thank God. I’ll pay one more mortgage payment. That is all.


3 thoughts on “chillout

  1. My family would go to Colorado just about ever other summer before school. It was a way to escape the heat of Oklahoma. On the road that leads out north of Pagosa into the Continental divide, there’s a shack. Best steak I’ve ever eaten.


  2. You have had a roller coaster past 12 months. If anyone ever deserved the joys of sitting on the porch and just being or going to CO, it is you. You work hard and live deeply, but sometimes you should get to rest. Enjoy the cool and the music. And yeah on the house.


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