What a glorious vacation. Camping in the beautiful Colorado mountains, waking up with the crisp air, cooking over a camp stove, being with friends and hearing great music. Let’s just say that the re-entry to reality was a rough one yesterday.

I fell asleep in the middle of a conversation with Mark. Literally. He was talking to me about the closing costs and closing papers and repairs to finish this sale of my house and I just fell smooth asleep.

There are lots of things chomping at our heels right now, getting back into the groove with our house that still needs unpacking, my office that still needs unpacking, all of the recruitment stuff from August, the students are back at OU, Mark is understaffed and so ridiculously overworked it just blows the mind.

But for now, we are holding on to the Colorado magic, singing together around the campfire. We only have one song together so we’ll be learning a few more before next year. We met some fabulous camp neighbors who sang with us and ate with us and laughed and talked with us for the week. We plan to camp with them again next year.

I’ll tell you all about the festival in a few days. I’ve got some fun stories and photos.

But really, what I want to tell you today is that yesterday…I paid my very last house payment. My very last mortgage payment on Brokedown Palace. We are set to close either Friday or Monday. We have 30 days past closing to finish the repairs. I’m taking a pretty awesome loss on the house. There will be no money after I pay for the HVAC replacement and the other repairs. In fact, I’ll have to borrow money to finish the repairs. SO the hope of paying off the other credit cards and getting out of debt with this sale is an empty one. But it is what it is. I’m finished with that place and the stress and agony that it’s given me. I take with me the memories and the laughter and the backyard parties that brought us all such great times together. Julie will have a really safe and sturdy house to turn into a home with her own special magic. I can’t wait for it to be hers and not mine. So there is that for some forward motion!

The air is clean and crisp and while the temps are still scorching in the upper 90s during the day, the mornings are full of Fall. That makes me happy.


Love in the Mountains
Love in the Mountains

This weekend is the Gentlemen of the Road festival in Guthrie. It’ll be a fun time, and hopefully I’ll start getting excited about it soon. I’m excited to see Cindy and meet her fella. I’m excited to see Talaura and for all of us to have some facetime together. It’s going to be 98 on Saturday. That sucks. But the music will be great. Mumford & Sons, Alabama Shakes, Edward Sharpe. So good. As of now, there is no way I’m camping. I want to be home. But we’ll see what the week brings.

So ending the week by selling a house, seeing good friends, hearing great music?

That’s not a loss at all.

5 thoughts on “ReEntry

  1. congratulatons! happy dance! I love that you are seeing what a blessing it is to not have to deal with it and let it pass to someone else. How wonderful to not have to make a house payment anymore! Isnt it so so good! I can only dream for now HA!


  2. I don’t know why, but for some reason when I got to the part of the last mortgage payment, I burst into tears. Maybe I’m mourning the end of the backyard fire pit nights and the Monday family dinner we used to do with the COOP food. So many good memories of all us together as a family in that house. I want new memories of us in Castle McClellan.


    1. I’ve had some pretty serious melt downs and mourning spells too. I treasure those memories, and miss..heartfelt miss..those family dinner nights. I am giddy at the new memories we will make in both of our new homes! ❤


  3. Even if it had agonies, it was your home – and we loved getting to come see you those few times we made it up. You fill a house with life and love wherever you are, just you are in this new home.

    I also get packing up and walking away with a loss. We did the same thing when we left Loco, but it was the right move at the right time so there haven’t been many second thoughts. I think this is surely your right move and right time.

    Enjoy your weekend and Cindy and Talaura.


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