Thankful Friday

I was supposed to be off work today. Mark and I both were supposed to be off work today so that we can join the mass migration to Guthrie Oklahoma for the Gentlemen of the Road stopover mini-festival.

That isn’t happening.

Mark is swamped at work. To the point that there is no way he can leave today.

I’ve set my auto-reply on the email for the day, but I will be in the office and working and cleaning and organizing the space in preparation of next week and the deluge of volunteers that will be in my office. I lost a volunteer leader yesterday from a troop. I’m still determined that we will make troops and find space for girls. I’m just so behind. Working every single night in August left no time to follow up. As soon as I got through one piece, seven more arrived. It’s been like swimming without arms and now school has begun and troops are meeting and we have Fall Product sales happening this month…I’ve got to have some time to work and get back on track.

There isn’t one single piece of clothing clean in this house. There are maybe a few things to eat and drink.

Today however, my house will officially be NOT my house anymore. From here on out it’s Julie’s house. My house is the one I live in. As it should be. When I signed all of my papers yesterday Kathy commented that I was significantly less emotional about this change than she expected.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve had my moments of mourning, knee deep in nostalgia. But it’s time to move on. I’ve had enough change in my life to know you get to keep what you want to keep. We are making so many repairs to the house that I sleep well knowing that the new owner will buy a solid place to live. I didn’t get that going in. I’m leaving it better than I bought it. That’s pretty much what we should all be doing in every aspect right?

Leave it better than we found it?

In that vein, I’ll leave this post in a better frame than I started.

I’m going to get some laundry done today. I’m going to get the camping gear moved and find a path to the furniture in the garage that is going into my office. I’ve got errands to run, banking to do, phone calls to make to cut off all the utilities. I’ve got emails to write and answer in the office, and a few things yet to buy to make things complete there. I will see friends and loved ones this weekend.

All of those things, I am thankful for.

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