We survived GOTR festival. I know that the infrastructure had some weak spots. But it was a great time, so much fun seeing friends, hanging with Talaura and Cindy and Michael and everyone else I saw there amongst the sea of humanity. The music was amazing. Mumford brought a show that would’ve convinced, I’m sure, even the most skeptical and self righteous of hearts. The musicianship was just mind boggling.

It was hot, and sweaty and dirty. There was in fact an element of survival. It was a real festival in Oklahoma! So awesome! I’m still glad we didn’t camp, though I had twinges of wishing we had.

Today begins the rest of the calendar year that includes zero festivals. It also includes about one more day of work at Julie’s house and then that gets crossed way off the list. Work which let’s face it, has been a blur and totally stuffed away while I was on vacation, is now front, center and crystal clear. I have to really find a way to make some magic happen here.

This house needs unpacking. The laundry needs doing and groceries need buying. There are still many things that need to happen but it seems that we have survived the summer of crazy crazy crazy change. The always looming deadlines seem to have eased up a bit and it looks and feels like we can start to ease into our #quietlife. 

The one that includes time with friends and family, celebrating and laughing and enjoying it all together. I can’t wait.

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