Thankful Friday

I decided to do a Thankful Friday post today for the simple fact that we in this house have survived the week.

This week has been every single night driving to the Village and working on Julie’s house. This week has been every single day each of us dealing with stress and deadlines and demands at our jobs.

This week has been me with no sleep due to some sort of janky nerve/neck/back issue compounded by all of the stress I’ve internalized. I’ve seen McCracken several times for relief and yesterday finally allowed myself a massage.

This week has been me dreading finding all of the tax stuff (my extension ends on Oct 15 and I still haven’t done 2013 and turned them in yet)

This week has been me knowing that on Tuesday of the upcoming week I have to take my comprehensive exam (again) to finish my Masters degree.

This week saw us with no coffee in the house on the day that I had to be up at 5, at the office at 6 in Shawnee at 7 and have an event table set up by 8 then a recruitment event at 5pm that night.

I am thankful it is Friday.

I am thankful that we have survived this week.

I am thankful that I live with a man who will wake up at 6:30 laughing about how neither of us bought coffee, puts on his pants and goes to get some beans before I’m out of bed today.

I am thankful that even though we thought we would be finished with Julie’s house, the floor guy didn’t take into account OUR work schedule and stained the floors yesterday. We can’t walk on them until Saturday. BUT we CAN walk on them Saturday! So hopefully we can get this little repair project behind us and get on with the things that are banging at our door here.

I am thankful for this dork who is sitting next to me singing lines from Oklahoma with the dork who is typing. He makes me laugh even when I want to stab.

I am thankful that Our Cindy finally has a diagnosis on her Pop. I hate the diagnosis, but forward motion of any kind is some sort of relief.

I am thankful for volunteers who don’t yell at me, who remember their intention behind participating in this program.

I am thankful for the temperatures in the 70’s and 80’s and the mums I’m going to buy this weekend and plant.

I am thankful for the friends I will see and celebrate this weekend.

But really?

I’m just so thankful that it’s friday.

3 thoughts on “Thankful Friday

  1. As always, I am getting caught up on your past few posts. It is an encouragement to me to see you step up to so many challenges and get through to other side. I read some tiredness and frustration in your lines, but I also read someone who is always there saying “okay, what is next? What can I do?” The insane pace and super human pile of work where home and career get muddled together is my life too. Pretty sure it is life for most of us, but not everyone is still willing to give of the elves like I have seen you do (through your posts and in person) over and over and over.

    And I hope you are sleeping again. Lack of sleep seems to be my biggest enemy.


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