A Typical Conversation

Me: My CEO just sent an email asking if anyone has a metal detector?

Mark: why?

Me: she ended the email by saying, Don’t Ask.

Mark: hahaha

Me: do you have a metal detector?

Mark: nobutIused to when I was little. Me and my dad would go treasure hunting. We found all kinds of old things, old treasures. One time we found this gold and ruby ring that my sister Lori wore for a real long time until she lost it.

Me: but you don’t have an old one now.

Mark: maybe it wasn’t gold. maybe it was bronze or something.

Me: do you know anyone that has one now that we could borrow from?

Mark: and we used to find a whole bunch of poptops. remember those? the kind with the ring and the tongue? you could cut yourself on’em? Jimmy Buffet knows what I’m talking about.

Me: . . . blink

Mark. . . can we get a metal detector?



aaaaand scene.


It’s a beautiful Fall morning. I got some house straightening done yesterday. So much more to do today. Much more work at Brokedown Palace but I think we can knock it all out or 90% of it out today. I want it to be over.

I need to re-do the bed and the bedroom. I’m not sleeping. Maybe I need some new sheets. There might be a trip to Ross or TJ Maxx in our Saturday.

It’s gameday here in Norman. at 8:30 am I’ve already got cars parked on the street and people walking towards campus corner. It’s an 11:00 game, so I expect it to pick up quite a bit. Today, it FEELS like football.

What a perfect day to be in Norman. Or with my pseudofamily in Stillwater. Or right here on my porch with my newly charged laptop (amazing what a new powercord can do) and a piping hot cuppa joe.

Cheers ya’ll!


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