Grown Up Life

Got home after 10pm last night after another CST meeting in Shawnee. I did get CPR trained, so that’s a plus. So tired today…and I should be giddy as it’s Friday. YAY!

I have a recruitment event tonight that all of four girls have rsvp’d for, so who knows if it will be worth it? or a big waste of resources and time. Either way I’m NOT going to be at Fall Fest on the Frontier and that’s almost too much to even imagine. I will get to see the family tomorrow, we’ll have our own Fall Fest tomorrow night after family pics and that will feel amazing.

While the week has been manic, we’ve accomplished some big things around here. The repairs are THIS CLOSE to being finished on Julie’s house. There will be some time this weekend to get at least two more big things checked off the list, one being putting our front porch back in order, and getting the fire pit in place. I need some fire in my evenings.

It’s been a breakneck week for sure. I’m glad we’ve almost survived. After I finish the last component of the event at 11am tomorrow…I’ll be free for a few hours. I hope you have some free hours too.

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