A Real Weekend

It was the first real weekend I can remember in forever.

We slept.

I did laundry. A lot of laundry. I did household chores.

We went to the Diner for breakfast.

We had a Winter Wind show and saw friends and heard some great music.

There was coffee and CBS Sunday Morning and waffles.

The Mr. did his crossword puzzle.

I baked delicious zucchini/oatmeal/carrot/crasin cookies. And when he went to do the very final bits of OKC house duties, and gathered up his tools and gave back the key I did more laundry and made roasted vegetables and baked parmesan chicken for supper.

Bless his heart he’s exhausted, what with a late night, and it being 3rd Sunday 5am working today, he’s asleep before halftime of the football game. The cats are curled up on him, and all is quiet in my house.

I’m don’t even have any Sunday Mourning happening.

It feels good to get back to living. It feels really really good.

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