Songs and Stuff

I’m making a list of songs that I want to learn with Mark. I’ve got a few in the queue for us to learn.

Any suggestions?

We’ve decided to take the teardrop to Granite next weekend. My California family will be there and we’re going down on Friday as soon as we can cut loose from the week. I can’t wait to see them, and to show Mark this town where I spent so much of my childhood. We’ll go for some walks and maybe go to Medicine Park/Mt. Scott on Saturday.

This week holds a cookie sale webinar on Tuesday, meeting to discuss Pseudo Sis 3’s wedding (which is less than four weeks away! zomgineedadress) and a CST meeting in Chickasha on Thursday. Zoom. Another week down.

After the crazy breakneck hours from my work, and the whole Grad School Thing finally getting closure, I just kind of flopped this past week. I had zero focus, could only make myself attend to the most menial and required of tasks. I would be asleep before Mark could turn off the tv and walk from the living room, most every night. But I think I needed that decompression time.

I still feel tired. This man and I are temperatureily incompatible. It’s our greatest incompatibility. But we’re working it out. Today we had waffles for breakfast. He’s doing his crossword, the cats are asleep at the foot of the bed, I’m playing on my computer and reading (I got the new Bridget Jones) and later we’re going to go do a few tasks at Julie’s house and pack up all of our tools and say goodbye to that project. Thank GOD. I’m sure I should do some laundry, or plan some meals, or do something in the yard…

but for right now I’m going to be still. and think about that puppy we are going to look at today. 🙂 *details to come

One thought on “Songs and Stuff

  1. Ah. The temperature thing. We’ve been working on it for 11 years. Still not there.

    Happy visit with your family – I noticed that some of the trees near Medicine Park are starting to turn and the weather has been glorious – hope it is a beautiful weekend for you.


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